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How Much Does A Good Bong Cost?

For first-time users, buying a bong can be intimidating. Depending on where you shop and what features you’re looking for, a bong can cost anywhere from $80-$600. The average user doesn’t want to drop a week’s paycheck on a bong. However, it’s important to buy something that you’re happy with. 

Users generally want a bong that hits well, stays clean and offers you the opportunity to get the most out of your weed. Lots of websites will try to sell you on large multi-chamber plexiglass bongs that feature tons of bells and whistles. However, the truth is that each bong has advantages and disadvantages, and you can easily find a solid bong that hits well without breaking the bank. 

To understand how bong pricing works, here are the general price ranges. 

$5 - $20 Bongs 

Even someone unfamiliar with bongs is going to intuitively assume that bongs as low as 5 dollars are going to be low quality. Sometimes this is true. They can be very fragile and small. However, users can find decent bubblers or silicone bongsaround the $20 dollar price range that will hit well. 

$20 - $80 Bongs

You can find a decent bong within this price range. The glass bongs are going to be larger, and a little bit more durable. Often they will include some form of percolation, usually in the form of a downstem with slits in it. These bongs can get dirty easily, but with regular cleaning, they have the potential to last a lifetime. 

$80 - $300 Bongs

From here on out, bongs within this price range are going to have some complex features. Some of them may include ice pinchers, multiple chambers for increased percolation, and strong durable material. The bongs in this range are usually made with borosilicate glass, which can survive a drop easier than a glass bong within the $5-$80 price range. The bongs will also be larger at this price range.

$300 And Up Bongs

From this point on, you’re going to be getting bongs with complex designs, lots of accessories, and even bongs that function as art pieces. 

So How Much Should I Spend On A Bong? 

For those with money to spend, dropping $300 or more on a custom bong with crazy features can be fun. However, it’s not necessary. A simple $20 bubbler can offer water percolation for smooth hits while retaining more flavor than some of the more expensive bongs. A solid $30-$80 bong hits very well and will provide you with an enjoyable smoking experience. Anything beyond price-wise is going to have more features, but something in the lower range would qualify as a “good” bong. 

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Doing additional research on bong features can help you find the bong that’s right for you.World of Bongs has a wide selection of bongs within every price range. With lots of awesome sales and a section that shows all the bongs under $50, you’re sure to find the perfect bong to fit your budget and smoking needs. Check outWorld of Bongs selection here

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