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Top 5 Best Terp Slurpers & Sets For Your Dab Rig

The Best Terp Slurpers For Sale

There’s nothing worse than taking a dab hit that’s too hot. Regulating your dab’s temperature is very important. If your dab nail becomes too cold, you won’t be able to hit it. However, if it becomes too hot, the high temperature can destroy your concentrate’s terpenes. Terpenes are the part of your concentrate that contains the flavor. High temperatures will leave your hits with that scorched aftertaste and will make your dabbing experience harsh and unpleasant. 

One of the ways you can regulate your temperature is with a terp slurper. Terp slurpers are an innovative redesign of banger nails that helps regulate your temperature and prevent concentrate waste. The terp slurper is made up of three main components. 

The three are: 

  • A top chamber - This is essentially designed like a traditional banger nail. It’s the section that leads to your main dabbing rig chamber. 
  • A skinny connecting chamber - this piece has two slits in it. These slits facilitate the smoke moving from the dish into the tall chamber. 
  • A dish - This is where you put the concentrate. 

Terp slurpers usually come with marbles and pills that spin around and even distribute the concentrate among your slurper. A terp slurper with the right accessories can redefine your dabbing experience. With slower cool-down times and the ability to take larger dabs, these modified bangers are far from superfluous. This article will cover the five best terp slurpers and terp slurper accessory sets you can buy on the World of Bongs website! 

Terp Slurper Wig Wag Set - 3p

Terp Slurper Wig Wag Set

Experience a revolution in your dabbing experience. The Terp Slurper Wig Wag Set from Pulsar is a three-piece set of marbles and pills meant to accommodate a terp slurp banger. The set includes a small pill to sit in the skinny collection chamber, a large marble to sit in the top chamber, and a larger marble that will sit on top of your top chamber. The larger marble functions as a carb cap, helping your terp slurper chambers retain heat for longer periods!

The marbles and pill are made from sturdy borosilicate glass, guaranteeing their durability. The set together weighs 1.2 lb, making it nice and lightweight. Buy a set today and improve your dabbing experience with pieces that come in fun color varieties! 

Price: $39.99

Terp Slurper Pill & Marble Set - 3p

Pulsar Terp Slurper Set

Ever get tired of having all of your concentrate stick together in clumps? All too often, dabbers experience this problem. You’re trying to dab and you end up wasting a lot of concentrates attempting to reheat your dabbing nail, scorching your wax in the process. The Terp Slurper Pill and Marble Set from Pulsar solves this problem!

This set is very easy to use. Simply stick one small pill in your terp slurper’s bottom dish. Stick a marble in the main chamber. Finally, stick the larger marble on top. The first two pieces will spin around in your dish and chamber, regulating the airflow and evenly distributing your concentrate. The third marble will function as a carb cap, allowing you to trap heat inside your chamber. This keeps your dabbing nail hot for a longer period of time!

Price: $15.99

Pulsar Terp Slurper Bi-Color Set & Banger

Pulsar Terp Slurper

Change the way you dab with the deceptively simple but supremely effective Pulsar Terp Slurper Bi-Color Set. Choose from two different color combinations, blue/pink and green, and get the most out of your concentrate! 

The set comes with a 6mm by 14mm pill, a 13.5mm marble, and a 25mm marble. Place each terp pearl in the appropriate chamber and experience ultimate heat retention and concentrate distribution. These durable pearls are designed to be used with a terp slurper and are made from borosilicate glass. 

Buy the set today and experience a dabbing experience like no other!

Price: $39.00

90° No Weld Quartz Terp Slurper Banger

Redefine your dabbing experience with the90° No Weld Quartz Terp Slurper Banger from Pulsar. This terp slurper comes with three chambers to effectively percolate, heat, and distribute your concentrate like never before. 

Light your concentrate while your carb cap is on and enjoy the unparalleled flavor and low dabbing temperatures necessary to get the most out of your concentrate. This terp slurper is made from quartz glass. Quartz glass is sturdy and durable, and will last a long time with regular cleanings! 

Users can buy terp beads to further enhance their dabbing experience, and evenly distribute their concentrate. 

Price: $19.90

Pulsar Terp Slurper Multi-Striped Set - 3pc

The Pulsar Terp Slurper Multi-Striped Set is a three-piece set of mixed-size terp beads. Cooldown your concentrates today with a set that will help you get great dabs with ultimate flavor.  

This is a three-piece set that comes with two marbles and a pill. Find the right terp bead to accommodate different parts of your terp slurper, or even pop them into your quartz bangers. These terp beads will help you regulate your airflow and spread your concentrate evenly throughout the dab, ensuring that no concentrate is left wasting in a corner on your slurper. 

The marbles and pill are made from sturdy durable borosilicate glass. You don’t have to worry about these beads cracking or busting when they’re spinning around in your chambers. These beads will last a lifetime. 

Price: $35.99

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