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Puffco Plus Review: Super Smooth And Big Hits!

We put the new Puffco Plus wax pen to the test with 2 grams of premium concentrates from California. This Puffco Plus review will talk about its strengths and weaknesses. It's basically a 510 vape pen battery with a ceramic chamber, but it's built a bit different than all the other similar types of wax pens. Its ceramic tip attached to the mouthpiece separates this dab pen with the rest. The company is calling it a portable pocket dab nail, and we agree with this to an extent. 


The Puffco Plus functions similar to the majority of portable dab pens, and it only has one button. There are three temperature options with this wax pen, and each provides a smooth and tasty vapor. It's important that after each session with this dab pen, to clean the ceramic chamber using a cotton tip. Four cotton tips are included to help you keep your atomizer clean, allowing for optimal flavor from your concentrates. Also included is a rubber grip that makes holding the vape pen more secure.

Turn On

This vape pen for cannabis concentrate easily turns on by clicking its only button quickly 5 times. It will also turn off by clicking the power button 5 times quickly too. 
PuffCo Plus Review

Change Temperature 

Switching temperatures with this dab pen is done by clicking its button 4 times. The blue light indicates its lowest temperature settings. The green light represents its medium temp, and white its highest temperature setting. The temp settings will determine how many sessions you get from your Puffco Plus on a full charge. I really enjoyed using the highest setting, which always resulted in tasty and dense clouds.

  • Blue - Low 
  • Green - Medium
  • White - High

Puffco Plus Review Wax Chamber

The Puffco Plus chamber upon first examining didn't look too different than the many ceramic atomizers I used with other wax pens. The ceramic bowl is deep, and has air holes inside of it. This atomizer design allows for better airflow, and big hits. The ceramic chamber gets hot super fast on any temperature setting. I highly recommend using rubbing alcohol to clean the outside of the chamber, and its threads to avoid it from jamming. I did experience the mouthpiece and chamber getting stuck because of hash oil residue left behind. This required me to heat the chamber for a full 12 seconds before I was able to unscrew the mouthpiece from the chamber. 


  • The chamber gets hot really fast!
  • Less cannabis concentrate is more vapor production.


  • Frequently cleaning with rubbing alcohol is mandatory to avoid the mouthpiece and chamber from getting stuck! 
  • Atomizer will need to be replaced after using it more than a handful of times. Therefore, it can become expensive for daily users.


The highlight of this Puffco Plus review goes to the dart part that really makes a useful dab scooper. This ceramic piece functions as a useful scooping tool and can help distribute heat more effectively in the chamber, allowing for faster and big hits. I really like the rubber tip mouthpiece, it can still get really warm with frequent use. Therefore, it's recommended to let the vape pen cool down between each vape hit. The mouthpiece is going to get dirty with cannabis extract residue, so make sure to clean it by soaking it in alcohol to avoid it from clogging. 


The airflow on this dab pen is fantastic when it's clean. But frequent use can cause the airflow to become restricted and even jammed at the mouthpiece. It can become a huge challenge trying to get even the tiniest airflow when it's jammed. But if you keep it clean, then the airflow will be really good. It's great how you can get so much vapor from a little bit of hash used with this wax pen.

Vape Pen Battery 

The instruction manually says it takes 45 minutes to fully charge on average, but it was much less from my experience. I typically could get it fully charged within 30 minutes on average. It's much faster if you're constantly charging it after every use. 

The Puffco Plus battery makes an excellent option to use with pre filled THC oil cartridges. I tried it with a raw cartridge cartridge on the highest setting, and the hits were smooth and big. One feature I really liked from this vape battery is its sesh mode, which keeps the power on for 12 seconds by quickly clicking the button twice. It honestly replaced all of my 510 thread vape batteries as my new favorite.  

Vape Hits

Vaping sugar wax and live resin concentrate was a real treat with the Puffco Plus. The convenience of being able to have a close to dab like experience at the press of a button makes this the ultimate wax pen. I really didn’t have too much expectations with this wax pen before trying it because it's design wasn’t too different from all the others for sale. But it's ceramic dart attached to the mouthpiece really gives a premium vaping experience. 

It's important to use a very tiny amount of concentrate with this dab pen, and it's not recommended to fill pass the air holes inside the chamber. 

PuffCo Plus Wax Vape Pen Review
Final Puffco Plus Review Score

I've owned the Puffco peak, and this wax pen reminds me of hits similar to it. This is by no means the same experience as a Puffco Peak, but it's better than the majority of dab pen options for sale around the same price. The Puffco Plus is highly recommended as an affordable dab pen option under $100, and its atomizer replacements usually cost $30 each but you can also find it at $24.99. The Puffco Plus used in this review was purchased for $89.99 from a licensed delivery service in the Bay area. This review is not sponsored, and honest feedback from using it with 2 grams of concentrate. 

Overall score gets a 4.5/5 rating. I wish there was an attachment to make hits more smooth. I am not saying the hits were harsh, but water filtration will enhance the vaping experience substantially. Nonetheless, vape hits are flavorful, and as smooth as pre filled cartridges. Leave your own Puffco plus review in the comments below! Let us know if this is a dab pen that you would recommend too! Also feel free to recommend any you would like us to review next! All of our reviews are honest and share both the good and the bad about a product. 

  • Vape Hits: 5/5
  • Vape Pen Battery Life: ⅘ 
  • Vapor Taste: 5/5
  • Airflow: 5/5

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