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Is The Puffco Peak Worth 300 Dollars?

When you purchase the Puffco peak, you're buying a portable and electronic dab rig. The cost includes the convenience of pushing a button to take a dab instead of lighting up with your torch. Back in the days, this feature was enough to convince me to buy the Puffco Peak. I read many Puffco peak reviews about its premium dabbing experience, which proved to be accurate from my own experience. I honestly like dabbing with this portable and electric dab rig; however, this device didn’t survive a year of heavy use before it broke. 

Puffco Peak Review

PuffCo Peak Comparison
For comparison purposes, I placed this portable dab rig next to a gear selector. As you can see in the picture above, the class bubbler part was already starting to build up with cannabis extract. It's easy to clean the glass part with hot water. Boil water in the microwave, and place it inside of a paper cup, and the hot water will get the sticky hash out. The carb cap can get sticky fast, but it's easy to clean if you have some rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. I also recommend dropping it to soak in some hot water, which will get clean fast too.

A regular glass dab rig typically costs between $20-$100 in a local smoke shop and will require a torch and butane. If you're wondering if a Puffco Peak can hit as hard as a regular dab rig, the answer is it hits better. It hits better because the preset temperatures are optimized to hit the best, tastiest and smoothest hits. Unfortunately, the best dab hits came to a permanent end when the Puffco Peak became too clogged with frequent dabs. 

I regret not doing a better job cleaning this electronic dab rig, so it didn't break. But then again, I wish the Puffco Peak had made a better design so that it wouldn’t be possible to break it because of too much heavy use. Seriously, I am not the only one; many complaints can be found online about the Puffco Peak breaking. A quick search on Google with Puffco peak break turns up 8,200 search results. I really hope this company can improve its electronic dab rig design so that it's not possible to break because of heavy dab use. 

Ceramic Atomizer Review

The ceramic atomizer and four temperature settings produce sold hits. After taking a dab hit from a Puffco Peak, you really won’t want to use anything else. Hits are super smooth, and the flavors are very tasty. You can get some big milky clouds with the ceramic atomizer. The water filtration is super sufficient, so expect some really smooth. 

The ceramic heating chamber is good enough to take some big dabs too, but don’t try and overdo it because if you're not careful, your concentrate can fall through into the Puffco Peak battery and break it. This is how I manage to break my Puffco Peak. I had it for about 6 months and thought I was doing a great job keeping it clean. 


This electronic dab rig has four preset temperatures that have been optimized for the most smooth and flavorful hits. I was impressed with the Puffco Peak smoothness and size of dab hits at the highest temperature. 

  • 450°F - Small size dab with temperature optimized for the tastiest and smoothest hits. 
  • 500°F - Perfect for rice size dabs.
  • 550°F - Perfect for a half size dab. 
  • 600°F - Drop a wax the size of two rice-sized grains and get some nice dense clouds. 


Design of the PuffCo Peak Pros Cons
It feels great holding the Puffco Peak, but its design is flawed because it can break by simply not cleaning it enough. Besides this flaw, its compact design is very nice for traveling. The glass water filter is also compact but also really effective at cooling down the vapor. I've read a recent Puffco Peak review on Reddit about someone’s 
charging port breaking. It got over 66 comments right now and is growing with others sharing their own stories of their Puffco Peak breaking in various ways. Many people are blaming this Reddit user that he broke it because of user error, but a $300 dab rig shouldn't break because of user error. 

The perfect example of another premium dab rig that costs more is the Dr. Dabber Switch, which has nowhere as near as complaints compared to the Puffco peak on Reddit. Proof that there is a way to make an electronic dab rig that doesn’t break because of heavy use and frequent cleaning. 

Dab Hits Review

Taking a dab hit from the Puffco Peak is a premium experience. They are always consistent with the temperature you decide on and will provide a nice hit. Before it broke, I loved every single dab I ever got out from it. I wish the atomizer broke only, which would be a more inexpensive replacement, but since the base unit broke itself, I am out of luck for getting a replacement. 

Review Score

Here is a list of the good and bad. Read the quick breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of this portable electric dab rig. Honestly, it's way better than any e-nail option I tried before. 


  • Best hits ever.
  • Superfast charging.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Super compact
  • A ton of custom glass options for the water filtration, but the majority are costly, even more than the Puffco peak itself! But the designs are also really artistic and intricate. 


  • Broke in under a year of using it (daily use).
  • Requires frequent cleaning.
  • Lots of complaints found on Reddit about Puffco peaks breaking!
  • It uses old mini USB technology to charge instead of new USB-c technology for faster charging.

The good and bad are about even, which means we can’t recommend this portable dab rig until its design gets an improvement. But unless you don’t mind cleaning this Puffco peak often, then you should be fine. We will be doing a review on theBoost EVO soon, a potentially better option from the Dr. Dabber Switch makers.

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