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Top 10 Weed Rolling Trays For Sale

Welcome to the world of bongs online. One of the most trusted online smoke shops. We are discreet in shipping, reliable and have fair prices. Our site holds some of the most unique pieces of glass in the world. Join a community of smokers where you can find all things ranging from the beginners essentials to veteran level glass. We work with various glass artists from all over the world hoping to bring both the smoke and the art community closer one step at a time. 

Check out some of our wickedly talentedartists on our website. We also believe in providing consumer education and information regarding cleaning, getting started with glassware and accessories as well as what products suit your level of cannabis use best. While our specialty is bongs and glassware, we have tons of smoke accessories including rolling trays. Which to be fair if you’re smoking dry herb and don’t have one.

Best 10 Rolling Trays For Sale

Rolling Trays are essentially what they say they are, a tray to roll a joint or blunt on. Although every smoker knows they are so much more than that. Think of it as a main loading station for all your essentials. Having a place to keep your lighter ensures it gets lost less often. A safe spot to always put your grinder. Rolling trays also always ensure the consumer has a sanitary place to roll their herbs. The clean up is easy when working with cannabis.

Rolling trays make it easy to transfer the guts from blunt wraps straight from the tray (usually metal or stainless steel) into the trash. No more spilling on the carpet. World of Bongs is one of the biggest online smoke shops in the world with some of the most cool and unique smoking accessories for cannabis. Check out our top 10 rolling trays below whether you’re in the market to buy one or just enjoy browsing all things cannabis related. 

Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Tray 

Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

This Blazy Susan is a pretty, standard rolling tray. Extremely durable and with metallic paint and metal to ensure shine and easy clean up. This is only number 10? We’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the list looks like.

  • Comes in two awesome colors, purple for indica lovers or rose gold (for the baddies of the world) 
  • 7 in x 9.25 in and only 9 oz perfect for discretion but big enough for functional rolling
  • The name “blazy susan” says it all. Perfect for blazing up. 
  • A bit steep at $25 for only being #10 on the list but highly rated and moderate size  
  • Deep sides ensure proper security of herbs from falling out 

Small Raw Cones Rolling Tray-Hybrid

Small Raw Cones Rolling Tray-Hybrid

Raw Cones did it again and are a highly trusted brand of rolling trays. Commonly used by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog. This is a take on their classic metal tray but in the form of their strains collection. Who doesn’t appreciate a good hybrid? This rolling tray pays homage to pineapple express. For Indica lovers, keep scrolling! 

  • 11 x 7 inches- decent size for rolling yet functional enough for safekeeping 
  • Heavy duty metal for easy clean ups 
  • For only $12 too, i’ll take it 
  • Rounded sides to ensure easy rolling and security 

Small Raw Cones Rolling Tray-Indica

RAW Indica Rolling Tra<

Indica Rolling Tray by RAW: We promised there would be something for the Indica lovers in store. Personally, this is one of our favorites. The deep pink and purple hues really resonate good vibes only. And with raw cone rolling trays, one of the most commonly bought, it’s hard to go wrong. 

  • Again only $12? Thanks Raw Cones 
  • 11 x 7 inches for functional storing 
  • Roll the perfect joint of Indica on here for a night's rest. 
  • Rounded Sides to ensure easy rolling and cleanup 

Proud Rainbow Metal Rolling Tray 

PROUD Metal Tray

​​When we say we have a community of smokers from all around the world, we mean from all backgrounds. Whether you’re out and proud or just appreciate bright colors, check out this super dynamic rainbow rolling tray. This is a smaller functional piece and only costs $9.99. Made by the brand Pulsar, the creators say the six colors are supposed to represent 

  • Life
  • Healing
  • Nature
  • Sunlight
  • Harmony
  • Spirit 
  • Metal tray for easy cleaning

KILL YOUR CULTURE Purple Urkel Throwback Rolling Tray

Purple Urkel Rolling Tray

Purple Urkel Rolling Tray: What a throwback to 1999. Urkel is a classic and now he is upgraded with the weed leaf suspenders. If you are a 90’s stoner kid how can this not get added to the collection? 

  • Only 7.5 x 5 inches make for a perfect travel tray or functional usage in a small space such as dorms, coffee tables, etc. 
  • Check out 5 star reviews on our website that are raving about this sitcom classic rolling tray.
  • Urkel has us blushing that it’s only $9.99 too. 
  • Metal tray for easy clean ups 

Magic Mushrooms Metal Rolling Tray 

Magic Mushrooms Metal Rolling Tray

​​Psy Mushroom Rolling Tray:  This is a trippy piece to add to anyone's collection. Are you looking at mushrooms in front of the northern lights? Illuminati? Did you eat too much of that brownie?  It may take a second for the eyes to adjust, but it's worth it. The tray itself may honestly get you stoned. Trippy vibes only. 
  • 11 x 7 inches covered in colorful detail 
  • Designed and created by Pulsar (they really know how to use color, check out #7)
  • A relatively modest brand with most pieces at $9.99 

T=HC2 Black Hole Glass Tray By V Syndicate

Glass Rolling Tray

Science and cannabis lovers can unite over this one. Trippy vibes and out of this galaxy. Literally. Anyone who has ever gotten really high and thought about space needs this shatter resistant T=HC2 glass rolling tray for the blunt that makes you feel out of this world. 

  • Extremely light with glass technology 
  • 6.75 X 5 in for easy traveling and functional storage 
  • Shatter resistance means easy cleaning, wipe away surface. 
  • $19.99 - you do the math. 
  • It has Albert Einstein on it. 
  • 1 inch thick glass for break resistance 

Call of Doobie Smoke Ops by V Syndicate

Call of Doobie Smoke Ops Rolling Tray

Call of Doobie - Smoke Ops Rolling Tray: ​​A twist on the classic video game. If you have ever stood outside of a Gamestop for hours on end waiting for the COD release this tray is probably for you. We love the authenticity that it gives to the game. We know everyones brother wants one for Christmas. 

  • Shatter and burn resistant glass for an easy clean up
  • Comes in two sizes based on different levels of consumers
    • Small: 6.75 in x 5 in x .75 in 
    • Medium: 10.5 in x 6.5 in x 1 in
  • $19.99 
  • Check out the killer five, 5 star reviews on our website. 
  • 1 inch thick glass for break resistance

T=HC2 Einstein Glass Rolling Tray 

T=HC2 Einstein Glass Rolling Tray

V Syndicate is popping off with these other worldly rolling trays. Their shatter resistant glass uses technology made to protect against falls. The easy cleaning glass is nice for when we have those times where we accidentally spill our bong water (because it definitely happens). Check out our website for some 5 star reviews on this piece!  

  • A bit steeper than some of our other trays at $24.99, but hey it is top quality and number 2 on the list? 
  • A tray for lots of room and functional use: 10.5 in x 6 in x 1 in 
  • Beautiful easy clean up with burn and shatter resistant glass 
  • What strain do we think Albert is holding? A perfect conversation starter with friends 
  • 1 inch thick glass for break resistance 

Tesla HIGH Voltage Glass Rolling Tray 

Tesla Rolling Tray

Tesla Rolling Tray: Dun Dun Dun...okay we can see why this is number one on the list. In general, V Syndicate trays are of extremely high standard with their shatter resistant glass. What’s better than a tesla? A tray with Nicola Teslas face on it. Ok not really, but definitely a close second. He probably never would have guessed his face would make it onto World of Bongs. And is that the space needle in the background? Again this piece has trippy vibes. Make Elon Musk jealous with this HIGH voltage glass rolling tray. 

  • Easy clean up with surface resistance glass and shatterproof 
  • Vibrant colors and deep hues for trippy nights with friends 
  • Comes in two sizes based on different levels of consumers
    • Small: 6.75 in x 5 in x .75 in 
    • Medium: 10.5 in x 6.5 in x 1 in
  • 1 inch thick glass for break resistance 
  • $19.99 (which is looking pretty standard and even on the lower side with V syndicate products)

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