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Dab Parts Guide For Beginners

Dabbing Parts Guide For Beginners

There are multiple parts required when it comes to dabbing cannabis concentrates. This guide will provide an insight into all the most important dab parts and their roles for dabbing.

Dab rigs can come in various sizes and usually have a few pieces and tools that come with it. The following are required for dabbing THC concentrates;

Dab Rigs

Dabboing Rigs

Let’s start with the most important part which is the dab rig itself. Dabbing rigs  are made of various materials, but mainly glass and silicone.  Also known as oil rigs, they are inexpensive and can cost if made by a famous artist.  Water pipes can also be used to dab by switching the bowl for a dab nail. By adding a dabbing nail to the body of the right sized piece, any smoker can turn their pieces into a rig. 

Dabbing Nails

Dabbing Nails

Sometimes people switch out their bongs and add a dab nail to use it for dabbing. To heat the dabbing nail the smoker will need either a torch or an electronic device. Dabs have become a replacement for smoking weed for many people, and this exploded into its own huge industry of products.

Depending on the material, some dab nails can get heated up to an extremely high temperature with a torch or electronic device (you can find these described below). After that the concentrate is placed into the nail and often covered with a carb cap where it turns into vapor. There are many different kinds of dabbing nails with the most common being glass, quartz and titanium. All with their own pros and cons. Our online smoke shop offers all kinds of the highest quality. 

Titanium Grade Dab Nails

Titanium nails are one of the most traditional ways of dabbing before any of the more modern materials started being used. Although this is an older way for taking dabs the durability of titanium nails is unmatched. Being that it is titanium, the nail heats quickly and fast. Giving a user a quick, large dab. Which also is often extremely hot and can sometimes burn the throat. For cannabis connoisseurs, titanium nails probably aren't for you as some consumers complain of flavor loss from the harsh heat of the metal. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a reliable, durable nail, these kinds are definitely a fan favorite.

Quartz Bangers

Quartz dab nails are more for those users who appreciate a strong terpene profile. These are popular among the medicinal community where concentrate flavor is highly regarded. These also have an extremely easy cleaning process. The downside of glass quartz and with any glass material is that they have the potential to break if heated too hot. So dab carefully! For users who prefer the glass dab nail but would like to avoid the added risk, quartz dabs are durable and offer the same kind of flavor profiles as glass. Probably one of our most commonly sold kinds of nails. These offer the functionality of a titanium nail with the extra luxury of a quartz dab nail. One downside of some reports of quartz nails is that these cool down quickly after initial heating, so dab fast! 

Carb Cap (Cover for Dab Nail)

As mentioned above, many oil rigs or some dab nails may come with a carb cap. The reason for wanting a carb cap is to cover the top of your dabbing nail right after dropping wax into it, this will prevent any precious vapor from being wasted. 

These aren't necessary but will save a lot of money from the cannabis concentrate that is not wasted. Absolutely elevating one's inhale and smoke experience with concentrates. This is a small glass or quartz covering, often in the shape of a dome, that restricts air flow into the rig. This creates and traps pressure leading to more vaporization AKA more cannabis smoke. Awesome. 

Torch or Electricity For Heat? 

Heating a standard nail on a dab rig often requires a torch. These are often butane or propane torches and small ones can be found specifically for dabs at some smoke shops and or gas stations. Simply light the torch and hold it under and around the nail, getting the surface and sides hot. It’s recommended to heat the nail for about 30 seconds and let it cool for 45-50 for best use, but times can be adjusted as needed and may depend on the user's concentration and piece being used. 

Why You Should Use A Dab Mat

A dab mat is an accessory that comes with most standard rigs. These honestly come in handy when working with the messiness of concentrates as the mats are often made of a non-stick material such as silicone. Easy for storing dabbing tools to avoid getting wax anywhere that shouldn't be. They are also a good place to keep your rig on top of as they help keep it in place and free of falling. 

Tools And Working With Concentrates  

If you have made it this far it must mean you are interested in getting into dabbing! While the dab rig and torch are the most necessary parts, having proper tools will heavily influence the ease of dabs. Just like dab nails, these tools also come in titanium or quartz options. Most dabbing users will start off with titanium because these are the cheapest, most durable and readily available. Yet other consumers claim quartz dabbing tools provide less sticking, less scratching and more surface area for working with concentrates. Whatever your personal preference is for rigs, nails or tools, World of Bongs has them all to meet your needs. 

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