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“The Throne” Bubbler Collaboration Will Cost You $1,000,000

If you enjoy bongs as much we I do, then there’s almost no better feeling then grabbing your favorite piece to smoke one. As a collector, you’ll probably own more bongs than you can count your life. The bong that we will showcase today is something one of a kind. The most expensive bong on the planet….by far…It’s 10 times as expensive as the second most expensive piece available.

Meet The Throne

“The Throne” really is the king of all glass pieces, anyone claiming they are, need a reality check. “The Throne” is considered to be one of the most iconic and legendary functional glass pieces in the industry. Standing nearly two feet tall, this mega collaboration was constructed in 2010. The skulls, made by Scott Deppe, remove from the top revealing the mouthpiece and the structure itself was assembled by Darby Holm using the Deppe’s Darkness color. Banjo constructed the one-foot tall goddess that sits upon Darby’s lattice of bones. The airflow of this piece begins at the push bowl, where it travels down into a large natural percolator and then on up the skeletal backbone to the mouthpiece. Since this piece was first exhibited, there have been several similar pieces created, but this one will always be considered the true original. “The Throne” can be viewed at Illuzion Glass Galleries in Denver, Colorado,USA.

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