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The Best Dab Thermometer In 2021

Dab Thermometer Rite Digital IR

For those new to dabbing, finding the right temperature for your dabs can be an intimidating process. No one wants to take their concentrates at a temperature that’s too hot. Intense heat will destroy your concentrate’s terpenes, leaving a harsh and burnt flavor behind. However, if your dab nail is too cold, your concentrate won’t hit fully, wasting dabs in the process

Taking dabs at the perfect temperature is a process, something that users intuit over time. If you don’t have a lot of experience dabbing and want to get perfect hits from the getgo, it might be worth your time to invest in a Dab Rite Digital IRDab Thermometer

The Dab Rite Digital IR Dab Thermometer is an innovative IR thermometer that helps users get an accurate reading of their dab temperatures. Gain control over your dabbing experience and get the most out of your concentrate with a tool that redefines the dabbing experience. 

Dab Rite With The Best Features! 

If you’re new to dabbing and don’t even know where to start, the dab thermometer comes with preset heat options. Choose from curated temperatures that you can aim for. The Dab Rite thermometer will scan your nail until you reach your desired temperature. An LED light will turn on, indicating that your dab has reached the perfect temperature. 

Experience consistency and never have to wonder if you’ve hit the correct temperature again. The thermometer comes with a flexible senor arm and a carb cap holder for increased convenience. 

You’re The Boss With Ultimate Temperature Control 

Temperature settings range from 200°F to 800°F. This is a high-grade sensor with ultimate accuracy. You can rely on the Dab Rite thermometer to give a correct reading every time. Users can also adjust their settings to accommodate different types of bangers. 

How To Use The Dab Rite Thermometer 


The thermometer is very easy to use. First, you set your Dab Rite to your desired temperature goal. You can research ahead of time to find what temperature works best with your concentrate. Next, move the senor under the banger. The sensor is flexible, so you will be able to nest it comfortably under your banger no matter what size dab rig you have. Then let your torch rip and start heating up your dab nail. An LED light will beep one once you’ve reached your temperature, indicating that you’re good to go. 

If left unused, the Dab Rite thermometer will turn off after 5 minutes. Be sure to take care of your sensor, storing it in a cool cupboard. Keep it away from moisture and any areas where dust may collect. 


The Dab Rite Thermometer is easy to use and goes a long way in giving you control over your dabbing sessions. It cost $270, and will always allow for the perfect tempt dab. Stop eyeballing your dab’s temperature and get accurate readings today with the essential dabbing accessory. 

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