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Gas Masks

Gas Mask Bong
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Gas Mask Bong
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Day of The Dead - Gas Mask Bong
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Gas masks are an entertaining way to enjoy an intense high.

A gas mask is essentially a bong with an extra attachment that goes over the users face. To use a gas mask, the smoker packs a bong normally, then places the mask over their face. 

While lighting the bowl, the smoker breathes in through the mask. Because the mask is attached to the bong, the chamber fills with smoke and the user can then clear it.

The benefit of gas masks is the complete submersion in the smoke. The gas mask fills completely with the bong smoke, so the user can sit and peacefully breathe the cannabis in. Gas masks are like a mini-hotbox for one person.

The novelty of gas masks make them a fun break from the mundanity of bongs, bowls, or joints.

A gas mask is also hugely fun for parties and group smoke sessions. They can be passed around for a supreme high and an easy conversation starter.

The 2 Best Gas Masks for Sale

The quality of a gas mask can make a difference in the entire experience. But, some masks are better than others for a good time and a great high. We currently carry two outstanding gas mask options for sale.

Gas Mask Bong from World of Bongs

The Gas Mask Bong provides an ideal gas mask experience for any smoker, seasoned or new. With a classic look in an upgraded form, the mask gives a smooth smoke every time. 

Using this gas mask bong is simple and fun. Smokers can easily pack the deep funnel bowl, put the mask on, and fire it up. The bowl offers enough room for a full party of smokers, so everyone can join in the fun. It’s also gentle enough to work for a solo smoker as well. 

It comes with an acrylic water pipe for a safe, great-tasting smoke. The adjustable head straps make it comfortable for any wearer, which is crucial for a good gas mask experience. Smoke won’t escape from the secure and snug mask attachment, so users can get the best possible inhale. 

Day of the Dead Gas Mask Bong

With a unique design and comfortable fit, the Day of the Dead Gas Mask Bong is sure to be a party-starter. The stylized patterns on the mask give it an artistic feel, so whoever watches it in use will love the view!

The mask is designed with air holes, so smokers won’t get claustrophobic while they’re breathing in their mini-hotbox. The air holes allow users to easily breathe while lighting the bowl, and feel the airflow while they inhale. 

A curved-bong design makes it easier to light the bowl and get the best hit. Smokers can easily see how much they’re lighting with the curved body. 

The snug fit and adjustable head straps make sure any user will feel comfortable relaxing back while they inhale. Smokers can expect a fun time getting an intense high when they use the Day of the Dead Gas Mask.