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Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Bong For Sale Online

This Gas Mask bong comes with adjustable head straps to fit comfortably around most size heads. When smoking the gas mask pipe there is no escaping the hit - being a mask pipe it’s literally in your face until you clear it! Take your smoking experience to the next level with the Gas Mask Bong. The adjustable head straps ensure a comfortable fit for all head sizes. And with the mask pipe, you'll get an intense hit that leaves no room for escape. It's the ultimate face-to-face encounter with your herb.

Be the life at the party when you bring your gas mask for everyone to try. The gas mask bong was made for parties and having lots of fun!

Experience maximum hits and no waste with the Gas Mask Bong. Its acrylic water pipe fits snugly into the mask, and the fully adjustable downstem allows for easy removal of the bowl. Randomly chosen colors, with more options available than shown in product pictures. Styles vary based on availability.

Why do people want a gas mask bong?

Indulging in a hot box session may have its drawbacks, such as filling the surrounding area with a strong odor. But with the Gas Mask Bong, you can enjoy the satisfaction of smooth, long-lasting hits without worrying about the lingering scent. Say goodbye to giving up a room or car to the dank smell caused by hot boxing.

What is Gas Mask Bong and How To Use It

World of Bong’s Gas Mask Bong is exactly what it sounds like: a gas mask with a bong attached to the end of it. Gas Mask bongs successfully simulate the experience of a hotbox, by confining the smoke within the mask, allowing you to get the most out of your hits.

They’re very simple to use. Put the gas mask on, light up, and experience a fully immersive high as the mask prevents any air from escaping. 

Gas Mask Bong on to go - Mini Hot Box

Picture having a portable hot box with you at all times! The Gas Mask Bong features adjustable head straps for maximum comfort. Its acrylic water pipe makes it lightweight and resilient, enhancing the mobility of your smoking experience.

Gas Mask Bongs Tips 

Unlock a truly unique and immersive experience inside the gas mask. Make sure to properly attach the bong to the mask before indulging, ensuring a secure fit for uninterrupted use. As you take in the thick smoke, the airtight seal allows you to recycle it for maximum enjoyment, but remember to take a breather and let some fresh air in for your own well-being!

Gas Mask Bongs FAQs

1. Are Gas Mask Bongs Worth It?

  • Gas mask bongs offer a unique and intense smoking experience. They are worth it for those looking for novelty and immersion in their smoking sessions. However, they might not be the first choice for everyday use.

2. Do Gas Mask Bongs Make You Higher?

  • Gas mask bongs can intensify the smoking experience due to the concentrated exposure to smoke. This may lead to a more substantial effect compared to traditional smoking methods.

3. Are Gas Mask Bongs Safe?

  • When used responsibly, gas mask bongs are generally safe. It's crucial to ensure proper ventilation and use it in a safe, controlled environment. As with any smoking apparatus, moderation and understanding your limits are essential.

Experience the ultimate combination of novelty and functionality with Gas Mask Bong. As seen in the hit stoner comedy Pineapple Express, these bongs are perfect for parties and guaranteed to impress your friends. But don't be fooled by the fun - World of Bong's gas mask bong also takes your smoking experience to the next level. Get ready for the ultimate hit!

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