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RIO Makeover Portable Rig & Case

Most portable devices today are electric, and use coil heating methods, leaving you stranded with a dead battery, a burnt out coil, and out of luck.
The Rio Makeover has none of these problems.
  • All-Inclusive Kit
  • Integrated Torch
  • High-Quality Quartz Banger
  • High-Grade Glass Bubbler
  • High-Quality Glass Carb Cap
  • 3D-Printed Resin Drip Housing
  • Seamless Operation

This kit also includes a dual headed dab tool, silicone plugs to contain odor, and allow you to travel with water in the rig! Finally, a Stache Rio Branded caring case with EVA foam to protect it all. Quite the bundle, and everything you need to dab on the go, from Stache Products!