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Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Vape

Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Vaporizer: Stealth and Power in Perfect Harmony

When it comes to vaping, there’s a time and a place for everything. For those moments when discretion is the key, the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 becomes an indispensable ally. Designed to help you maintain a low profile while delivering robust performance, this device is a masterclass in subtlety without compromise.

Discretion Meets Excellence

The very essence of the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 is to provide stealth without skimping on quality. Whether you’re at a social gathering or just out and about, the sleek and minimalist design ensures your vaping sessions remain your own secret.

Simplicity at its Best

Ease of use is integral to the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 experience. With its intuitive auto-draw mechanism, you can savor the flavors with just gentle puffs. And for those who love control, the new tactile button provides manual override.

A Display-less Marvel

Thanks to the intelligent LED light ring at the base, there’s no need for a flashy screen. This light not only signals the voltage setting but also the power level – a brilliant way to stay informed without drawing attention.

Enhanced for Your Pleasure

Noticeably more substantial than its predecessor, this model can accommodate a broader range of 510 cartridges and houses a larger battery. So, fewer charges and more delightful moments are on the cards!

Safety First, Always

With its in-built mechanism to shut off the heat after 10 seconds of use, the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 ensures your cartridges remain in top condition and rules out any chances of overheating.

A Word on Cartridges

The maximum cartridge size compatible with this device is 2.4 inches in length and 0.55 inches in diameter.

Thermochromic Quirk Each Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 with thermochromic coating is unique due to minor color variations between production batches. It’s a testament to its individuality!

Kit Contains:

  • 1 Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Battery
  • 1 Bottom magnetic connector 2.0

Tech Specifications at a Glance:

  • Battery Strength: 650mAh
  • Voltage Settings: Three (2.8-3.8V)
  • Added Button Functionality
  • Auto-Draw Cartridge Vaping Mechanism
  • Compatible with most 510 Cartridges (up to 2mL)
  • USB-C Charging Port (Note: Charger sold separately)
  • Auto Heat Shutdown After 10 Seconds of Activation
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Warranty Period: 6 Months

With the Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Vaporizer in your pocket, you're not just carrying a device; you're carrying a statement of style, discretion, and superior performance.

User Manual

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