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Glass Papers

Glass Rolling Paper - 3 Pack

Clear Glass Rolling Papers by Glass Paper.
Would you like to see what you actually rolled up, or you just want to show to your friends what you put in your rolling paper?
Looking for rolling paper that is close to nature, and burns slowly?

Glass transparent rolling paper is exactly what you are looking for!

Both 1 1/4 & King Size come in a pack of 3.

Glass Rolling Paper

The glass paper is transparent and sticks very well. The taste is neutral and no unnatural additions have been made. Another useful characteristic is that this rolling paper does not have an adhesive edge. This paper sticks on all sides at the moment you make it wet.

Specific characteristics of this product:

  • Transparent paper 
  • Made of natural cellulose
  • Burns slowly
  • Glass rolling paper is made in Brazil
  • Each King Size has 40 papers
  • Each 1 1\4 has 50 papers
  • 3 Pack

A Transparent Joint

We all know a person that rolls a joint and wants to keep it for him or herself. That is a thing from the past with this paper! Completely transparent and build up of natural cellulose. In this way, you can always see what still is left when looking at your spliff. Furthermore, this paper burns at a nicely slow pace, which ensures you won't lose costly ingredients in any way.


Cellulose is a substance that is present in basically all plants and trees. It’s even present in the plant you would normally put inside your paper. Cotton and wadding for example, are built out of almost pure cellulose. The taste of cellulose is neutral and without additions, 100% of the taste depends on what you put inside. This rolling paper consists of 100% natural plant fibers and is 100% biodegradable.

Luxury Glass:

Glass Clear Rolling Papers is the original transparent rolling paper from Brazil. The rolling paper got extremely popular in that country and thanks to its success it is now available all over the world.