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Freeze Pipe

15" Tornado Bong - The Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe Tornado Bong - Your Ultimate Smoking Companion!

Are you in search of something truly unique, a smoking experience like no other? Look no further than the Freeze Pipe Tornado. This remarkable piece is designed to stand out from the crowd with its exceptional features.

🌪️ Tornado-Style Spinning Function: The Freeze Pipe Tornado boasts not one but two turbine percolators, creating a mesmerizing spinning effect that sets it apart from the rest. You'll be treated to a smoking experience like never before.

🤩 Convenient Handle: We've thought of everything. Enjoy the convenience of a built-in handle that makes passing this piece around a breeze. No more awkward hand-offs during your smoking sessions.

❄️ Freezable Glycerin-Filled Mouthpiece: Say goodbye to traditional ice pinches. Our glycerin-filled mouthpiece can reach freezing temperatures quickly and stays frosty longer than ice. Plus, it won't crack your glass. It's a game-changer.

📏 Impressive Dimensions: Standing at a majestic 15 inches tall, the Tornado makes a statement. With twin turbine percolators and a 14mm bowl featuring a 90-degree joint, it's a work of art and functionality.

Tornado Bong Specifications:

  • Two Turbine Percolators: Get ready for a whirlwind of flavor! The Freeze Pipe Tornado features not one, but two turbine percolators. With every hit, these percolators create a mesmerizing vortex that works its magic, resulting in smoke that's not just cleaner but also smoother. Say goodbye to those harsh cough-inducing tokes.

  • Upgraded Revolver Glycerin Coil: Breathe easy with enhanced airflow. Our Revolver Glycerin Coil takes your smoking experience up a notch. Featuring four straight tubes, it ensures your smoke is transported effortlessly, making every hit a breeze. Plus, cleaning is a snap.

  • Crafted from Premium Borosilicate Glass: Originally designed for laboratory use, our glass is no ordinary glass. It's thick, robust, and built to last for years. When you choose Freeze Pipe, you're choosing reliability and quality that stands the test of time.

  • Upgraded Honeycomb Bowl: Keeping it clean has never been easier. The upgraded honeycomb bowl not only enhances your smoking experience but also helps maintain your glass piece in top condition for longer.

  • Joint Size: 14mm Female

  • Height: 15 inches

But what's the secret behind our glycerin chamber?

Unveiling the Magic of Glycerin: Glycerin is a unique gel-like liquid that chills faster and keeps your smoking experience cooler than ice. Unlike traditional ice pinches, our sealed glycerin chamber won't melt and flood your percolation chamber. It's safe, non-toxic, and commonly found in food and sweeteners.

Using Your Freeze Pipe Glycerin Chamber:

  1. Prep for Perfection: Place the glycerin chamber in your freezer for at least an hour. Feel free to leave it in there longer or even store it there so it's always ready when you are!

  2. Connect with Ease: Join the joints of the glycerin chamber and the base. Next, take the black clip and attach the wider side to the base and the slimmer side to the glycerin chamber. Press down gently until it snaps securely into place.

Elevate your smoking experience with the Freeze Pipe Tornado. Get ready for a whirlwind of flavor and coolness like never before. Order yours today and experience the magic for yourself! 🌪️🔥

Smoke smart. Smoke smooth. Smoke Freeze Pipe.

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