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Pax Mini Portable Flower Vaporizer
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Pax Mini Portable Flower Vaporizer
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PAX Vaporizers - Raising the Bar for Portable Vaporizers

At World of Bongs, we're thrilled to introduce the PAX Vaporizers collection. Born out of the innovative minds at PAX Labs, previously known as Ploom, these vaporizers have been meticulously engineered in San Francisco with the prime focus of redefining the vaporizer landscape.

PAX Vaporizers: The Pioneers of the Vaping Industry

PAX Vaporizers are world-famous for their sublime balance of form and function. Hidden beneath their sleek exteriors is an array of advanced technologies that offer a simple, yet immersive, vaping experience. With their innovative controls, futuristic design, and 'easter egg' features, using a PAX Vaporizer is a journey in itself.

Constructed with premium materials, PAX Vaporizers are designed for portability, durability, and discretion. Frequently hailed as the 'iPhone of vaporizers' in media circles, the PAX line up – which includes the original PAX, PAX 2, and the newest PAX 3 – delivers a straightforward and aesthetically pleasing control interface, sleek design, and clean, flavorful vapor, offering the ultimate dry herb vaping experience.

Unmatched Efficiency

PAX Vaporizers are synonymous with power and efficiency. Their conduction heating systems yield smooth, flavor-rich vapor on the move. With a wider surface area, the stainless steel heating chamber ensures efficient vaping of dry herbs. A fully packed chamber can provide around 20 draws, showcasing the device's efficiency. Each model in the PAX collection boasts a large, state-of-the-art herb chamber made of stainless steel.