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Ooze 4 in 1 UFO Silicone Water Pipe

Ooze UFO 4 in 1 - Your Ultimate Smoking Companion!

Are you tired of smoking the same old way? Do you want to take your smoking experience to the next level? Look no further than the Ooze UFO – a futuristic device designed to take you on a cosmic journey with every smoke session.

Crafted from strong borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone, the UFO is built to last. Its compact design houses four functions, making it a versatile smoking companion for bong enthusiasts, nectar collector lovers, and dab rig users alike.

Silicone Bong For Sale

1) Bong Function: Use the matching Armor Bowl to enjoy your favorite herbs. The bowl piece features a 14mm and 18mm downstem, making it compatible with various water pipes. The UFO's glass chamber ensures that you can enjoy the full flavor of your herbs without any interference from the silicone.

Silicone Dab Rig For Sale

2) Dab Rig Function: When you feel like switching to concentrates, the UFO has got you covered. The matching Geode silicone glass stash jar secures your wax until it's time for takeoff. Insert the Quartz Thermal Banger and heat it up with the torch. Load in the dab and you'll be soaring through space in no time.

Nectar Collector For Sale

3) Dab Straw Function: For a more hands-on approach, pull out the mouthpiece and insert the titanium nail that sits right underneath to form the dab straw. Heat the nail and take a dab right out of the Geode, or any other heat-resistant container.

4) Vape Pen Adapter Function:

The UFO comes in a spaced-out box that features a wraparound window to show off all the contents. Your customers will know exactly what accessories they're getting, and we have a diagram on the back for instructions. The UFO is a conversation piece! Your space enthusiasts will have a hard time choosing their favorite color. We recommend displaying all color options together for maximum effect.

Experience the ultimate smoking adventure with the Ooze UFO, available at World of Bongs – your online smoke shop for everything smoking-related!


Product Specifications:

  • Ooze Armor Bowl (14mm & 18mm)
  • 14mm Quartz Thermal Banger
  • Includes Geode Stash jar
  • Dab Straw with Titanium Nail
  • Vape Pen Filtration (Battery Sold Separately)
  • Food-Grade Silicone
  • Borosilicate Glass Accessories
  • Heat Resistant & Durable
  • Dishwasher Safe

What's inside the Box? 

  • 1x - Ooze Silicone 4-in-1 Water Pipe - UFO
  • 1x - Ooze Armor Bowl
  • 1x - 14mm Quartz Thermal Banger
  • 1x - Titanium Nail
  • 1x - Geode Stash Jar
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USA FlagAll Products Are Shipped Discreetly From USAUSA Flag Trust badges, Shopify secure, No-Hassle Returns, credit cards icons