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13'' Gold Navy Zig Zag Bong

This 13" Gold Navy Zig Zag water pipe adds an edge to the classic beaker bong design.

The zig-zag construction creates an impressive visual while in use, as well as adds stability to the large neck.
The neck's thick glass horns are unique handles that make it ideal for group smoke sessions.
The bowl's deep funnel shape is perfect for packing large amounts of dry herbs and tobacco.

The base of this beaker bong has a sturdy flat base, contributing to its stability when in use. With a unique appearance, reasonable price tag, and simple functionality. this water bong will become the go-to piece of your glass collection.


  • Height: 13'' 
  • 14mm Bowl
  • Ice Catcher for smoother hits
  • Magnificent Gold Bong
  • Zig zag kinks
  • Honeycomb pattern