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Grenco Science

G Pen Roam - Portable E Rig

Portable Electric Dab Rig - G Pen Roam

Welcome to a new era of portable dabbing with the G Pen Roam by Grenco Science. This highly advanced Portable electric dab rig is specifically engineered for smooth and flavorful vaporization of your favorite wax concentrates.

Boasting a spill-proof, self-contained borosilicate glass hydro-tube, the G Pen Roam provides optimal water filtration, enhancing the richness and purity of your dab's flavor profile. Crafted to perfection, the fully Quartz tank facilitates even heat distribution for a consistently perfect dabbing experience, every time.

As a truly portable e-rig, the G Pen Roam stands out with its lightweight yet sturdy design. Encased in an ultra-durable, easy-to-carry housing, it ensures the safety of the device and its parts.

Revolutionize the way you dab with the G Pen Roam's temperature control feature. This electric dab rig allows you to set your preferred temperature between 600 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit, providing the ability to tailor your sessions to your personal taste and preference.

To add to its vast list of features, the G Pen Roam also boasts a LED display that shows temperature level and battery status. Powered by a powerful 1300mAh lithium-ion battery, this wax vaporizer ensures extended periods of uninterrupted dabbing, perfect for both solo sessions and social gatherings.

Get ready to embark on a journey of uncompromised flavor and unmatched convenience with the G Pen Roam. Its compact design, temperature control, and advanced water filtration system make this electric dab rig a must-have for any true wax concentrate enthusiast.

Experience the future of portable dabbing with the G Pen Roam from Grenco Science. For the connoisseur who values flavor above all, there's simply no better choice.

G Pen Roam Portable Vaporizer E Rig Features:

🤯Custom temperature control 600°- 800° F (315°- 425° C)

🤯Full LED display

🤯Durable aluminum alloy shell

🤯Removable silicone mouthpiece

🤯Rapid charge

🤯Rechargeable 1300mAh lithium-ion battery

🤯Micro USB charging cable

🤯Easy assembly and cleaning

🤯 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

What’s Inside G Pen Roam E Rig Box:

  • G Pen Roam Battery
  • G Pen Roam Quartz Tank
  • G Pen Roam Mouthpiece 
  • G Pen Roam Glass Tube
  • G Pen Dab Tool
  • G Pen Travel Case
  • Micro USB Cable

The Grenco G Pen Roam is a revolutionary and portable dab rig. It provides a much simpler way to get high and will heat cannabis Dab into smoke at the press of a button.

1300 mAh lithium-ion battery

A full charge on this electric dab rig will provide many sessions before needing to be charged again. Taking lower-temperature dabs will result in longer battery life and more hits. This electric dab rig can last a heavy user an entire day on a full charge. 

Rapid Charge 

Thanks to the rapid charge technology built-in, it won't take long to charge this electric dab rig when it runs out of power.

Quartz Tank

Get the most flavorful taste and the biggest hit with the quartz tank. It will only take a few seconds until your cannabis extracts are turned into smoke for a dab.

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