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Day of The Dead - Gas Mask Bong

Adjustable Day of the Dead Gas Mask Bong

One bong size fits all!

*Dia De Los Muertos Gas Masks come in a random color.
** Glass Accessories are not compatible with this item.

The Best Gas Mask For Smoking Weed

Buy the best gas mask bong online and get ready for some epic bong hits ahead. Easily breath while wearing this mask bong because of its brilliant design to have air holes. The design of the bong is made so that it's easier to light it up too. It's the curved bong design that separates this gas mask pipe among many others with a straight design that's more difficult to light up. This gas mask for weed will fit everyone with it’s adjustable straps, and enhance the entire vibe of any smoking session. It's a visually appealing way to smoke weed and will grab the attention of any fellow stoner nearby for sure, so be prepared to let them try it on for a hit too.

Size Fits All 

This would not be the best gas mask for smoking weed if it didn’t fit everyone. Easily adjust this gas mask bong to your head with the adjustable straps. It can comfortably fit anyone effortlessly. This snug fit will ensure that every little bit of marijuana smoke is captured into your lungs. Enjoy one of the most funnest ways to get high with cannabis smoke shot directly into your mouth without any escape for it to go elsewhere. 

Better Than Silicone Gas Mask Bongs 

Silicone gas mask bongs are known for pulling on the face, but not with this mask bong. It's made using material to keep you cool and comfortable while you smoke your favorite weed strain with it. It also won't have the same smell problem that silicone mask bongs are known for having. So enjoy the fun colors and grab some attention while you're smoking weed, and you can for only $39.99. Which is a price that is lower than most other masks for smoking weed with less features. These are the types of things you can find at music festivals and raves, or at your friends house party. 

Buy this gas mask bong for any stoner friend and they will be pumped about taking a rip from it. It's the perfect cannabis accessory to celebrate getting high among other fellow potheads. Its colorfulness makes it stand out among a crowd, it's a weed bong that makes a visual statement at the same time. Let people around you know loud and clear you intend to take a bong hit, and without losing any of the cannabis smoke in the process. A lot of people claim to get higher with hits from a gas mask when they smoke weed with it, and there is only one way to find out. Make sure to finely grind up some dank and add a little bit of water into the acrylic bong. The hits of your cannabis are going to be like no other experience with a gas mask bong.

This gas mask for smoking weed recently ranked 1st place out of 9 others on the So you can have confidence your getting the best! 

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