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MJ Arsenal

Hotbox Cabin Blunt Bubbler

Hotbox Cabin mini dab rig - LE

-10mm Connection

-Height: ~4 inches tall

Winter is here and it is time for us all to escape to each of our very own winter wonderlands. Look no further for this winter’s most cool and crisp drag with the most full flavor profile to match (see our Terp-O-Meter). The Hotbox Cabin by MJ Arsenal is your portal to the ultimate 2019 winter solace.

Using our one-of-a-kind aquifer perc system, your vapor will be cooled as it is passed through our snowperson companion and down into the subterranean filtration system. From there, the delicious vapors will find their way to the candy cane themed chimney, creating a true hotbox effect for the entire cabin chamber.

(1) Hotbox Cabin blunt bubbler™ - the perfect christmas bubbler !