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Classic Pipe 510 Thread Vape Battery

Bring a little old school flair to your next vape session with this classically styled Pipe Battery from Be Leaf. 

The be leaf pipe battery is 1.75" tall and can be comfortably held in your hand. When you're ready to set it down, this pipe dab pen has a flat bottom that assists.

This pipe cart battery has 3 voltage settings and a universal 510 connection, the battery fits most 510 cartridges and has a 900mAh internal battery that charges with micro USB to keep you vaping all day.

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5 Clicks On/Off
3 Clicks to Change Voltage

Green: 3.0V
Blue:  3.7V
Red: 4.2V

510 Connection
3 Variable Voltage Settings
900mAh Battery Capacity
Micro USB Charging

What's In the Box??
1 Pipe Variable Voltage Battery
1 Micro USB Charging Cable

Vape batteries for THC cartridges are becoming a very popular form of vaping weed for a bunch of reasons. They are easily portable, provide users with smooth hits, and they are easy to smoke discreetly in situations where you’re on the go or in public. 

They don’t require carrying around a bunch of moving parts like a bowl or a dab rig, they don’t give off the same constant potent smell like a joint, and they are significantly easier to conceal than a bong. 

However, vape batteries often come in the same, boring design. Typically, people will be fine with a cheap vape pen battery. However, there is now a new 510-thread vape battery on the block that has gone viral multiple times on Reddit. 

The next time you smoke a vape cartridge, bring a little flair and old-school style to your smoking experience with the Classic Pipe 510 Thread Vape Battery, from 

Vape 510 thread cartridges in Style

The classic wood grain pipe is styled like an old corncob pipe, reminiscent of something Sherlock Holmes would frantically puff on while pacing about his apartment, trying to connect clues. The warm colors and classic feel of it can help you add a little novelty to your day, or even blend in when smoking it in public. However, its unique and memorable design doesn’t clash with its portability.

The 510-thread pipe cart battery is 1.75” tall and can be easily transported in your pocket. The Classic Pipe is not compatible with dry herbs, however, the 510-thread means that this battery is the standard option for any cartridge you’d buy at a smoke shop or a gas station. As a result, it can easily be charged with a micro USB and will fit the majority of carriages, making it essentially universal. 

Good Reviews For a Customizable Smoking Experience!

Users, of course, en masse report getting compliments on the design, but also compliment how well it hits. The pipe comes with adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to customize their smoking experience to their comfort. 

Users simply have to click three times on the power button to change the temperature to low, medium, or high. Low is 3.0V, medium is 3.7vV, and high is 4.2V. Clicking on the power button five times will turn the vape on the “travel” lock, a feature that prevents the vape from accidentally heating up in your pocket while you’re on the go. 

Why buy from us?

We offer this trending pipe cart battery for a price that can not be beat. World of Bongs, a popular online head shop that specializes in quality 420 products. It currently costs $18.99 and ships within one business day. The product comes in discreet, unmarked packaging. The classic pipe also comes with a 7-day return policy if you are dissatisfied with the product. 

Make vaping THC cartridges more of a fun experience and add a little of novelty to your life without sacrificing quality or functionality. Whether you’re looking for the perfect functional costume prop or just want to smoke in the comfort of your own home, the Classic Pipe 510 Thread Vape Battery can have you feeling classy. It can function as a fun conversation starter and most importantly, it can deliver smooth, potent hits of your favorite vape cartridges at an affordable price. 

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